Navigate large pull requests easily, so you can leave better feedback in less time



Features designed to make code review fast and easy


Pull Request Inbox

Stay organized with a personal dashboard of your team’s pull request activity, including which PRs need your attention.



Commit Checkpoints

Commit checkpoints helps authors stack smaller changes within a single pull request without having to manage tons of branch offshoots.



Autogenerated Tabs

Your code is auto-organized into tabs to help you navigate your way through large changesets.



Dependency Graph

Embed dependency graphs of your code to quickly visualize how components fit together.



Get Set Up In Minutes

A quick integration with Github can help you level up your pull request workflow


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Knowledge siloes restrict productivity and creativity

Poorly designed code review prevents knowledge transfer within your team.


Feedback and Launch Delays

If you’re behind on context, you succumb to a miserable experience catching up on the relevant details needed to give proper feedback. Or you skip it all together.


Buggy Releases and Avoidable Technical Debt

Don’t have the time and patience to look into technical details? Cursory PR reviews lead to suboptimal code which causes delays down the road.


Longer Ramp Up for New Hires

Inaccessible code reviews lengthens the necessary time for a new hire to make meaningful impact to your team’s goals.


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