Reviewing code is one of the biggest bottlenecks to shipping software.



Features designed to make code review fast and easy

Stop letting bad code review tools slow you down.


Dependency Graph

Embed dependency graphs of your code with your review to quickly visualize how components fit together.



Autogenerated Tabs

Auto organize related code into separate tabs to help you navigate your way through large changesets.



In-Sync Docs

Connect docs with code to surface relevant documentation where you need it and to prevent important documentation from getting stale.



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Knowledge siloes restrict productivity and creativity

A poorly designed code review tool prevents teams from being fully integrated which leads to silent but deadly knowledge siloes.


Feedback and Launch Delays

Facing a meaty pull request is daunting. If you’re behind on context, you succumb to a miserable experience catching up on the context needed to give proper feedback.


Buggy Releases and Avoidable Technical Debt

Don’t have the time and patience to look into technical details? Cursory PR reviews are leaving your team shipping suboptimal code which only causes delays down the road.


Longer Ramp Up for New Hires

Unaccessible code reviews leave new hires scrambling to catch up leaving them unable give feedback and contribute to the team’s goals.